A Peek at Historic Modern Homes Sold in 2016


Last year I was surprised when a colleague suggested that there were very few noteworthy mid-century modern architects in Colorado.

Considering the entire state’s population in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s hovered around 1.5 million, I’ve always been impressed by just how many noteworthy architects contributed to Colorado’s modernist landscape. Quite a few were born and raised here and graduated from ivy league schools while others came here from other states to launch their careers. True, some moved on to work in more populated areas, but they all left us with some really unique historic modern architecture.

Certainly, many examples of their work have been lost over the years, but we saw many examples come on the market in 2016. We love looking at them and thought you would, too

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about a house and/or architect.

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A Peek at Historic Modern Homes Sold in 2016
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A Peek at Historic Modern Homes Sold in 2016
Mid-century modern homes sold around Metro Denver and Boulder in 2016. Despite the states small population, Colorado had several noteworthy mid-century modern architects. Here are some examples of their work.
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