Real Estate Broker Bogus “Awards”

Best of Lakewood
 “Stanbro Real Estate LLC has been selected for the 2016 Best of Lakewood Awards for Real Estate Agents.”
I’m flattered, or I would be if it was based on something real. Unfortunately, even though I received a very convincing email to the contrary, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Even the fine print at the bottom says “If you would like to stop receiving advertisements please write to…”
Five Star Professional is another marketing firm that publishes its “awards” in local magazines, giving the illusion that actual journalists have vetted the winning real estate broker/wealth manager/doctor/dentist/ etc. Not so.
 “…a “Five Star” award from Five Star Professional. It sounds good but candidates are nominated by peers and firms, not their clients.” -Consumer Reports
“It is such a joke of an award. You almost feel bad when you are selling this award to the customers.” former Five Star Professional employee via
As always, my mission is to inform and protect consumers. Unless the award is given by a reputable Consumer Protection or Advocacy Group, it is probably only worth the $150 the broker paid for the plaque.