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Not Finding Your Ideal Mid-Century House? It May Not Be in the MLS or Online.

June 14th, 2013 Posted in Sold

” I don’t think many people pay a real estate company to ‘find’ homes as much when many can search them for free.”

A 5280mod follower gave us this feedback recently. True, the internet is full of websites with homes “for sale” making it easy for home buyers to search for themselves. What many consumers may not realize, however,  is that agents are not required to put their listings online, or even make them available to other agents and the general public.

We won’t bore you here with the myriad of reasons why owners and agents choose to keep properties out of the traditional market. Instead we wanted to show 6 examples of mid-century homes sold in the past 3 months that either never showed up for sale online, or were already under contract when they did. Prices of these homes range from $160k to $465K.




…and there are more where these came from.


How do we know?

For more than a decade, we work full time every day investing time and money researching the MLS, driving neighborhoods, volunteering for preservation projects, and cultivating relationships with homeowners/ architects/ preservationists, etc. Thanks to our  network and our catalog of homes, we can provide our clients with more options than the MLS  and online real estate sites.


Please contact us when you’re ready to benefit from our extensive catalog and in-depth knowledge of Metro Denver’s vintage mid-century and historic modern architecture!




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  1. Jeff Womack Says:

    I’ve done several loans for clients who bought a home from a seller that refused to list it on the MLS. Some people hate snooping eyes.

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